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Army/Navy Transportable Radar Surveillance (AN/TPY-2)
Manufactured by Raytheon Army/Navy Transportable Radar Surveillance (AN/TPY-2; previously designated as Forward-Based X-Band Radar-Transportable or FBX-T) will be deployed to enhance the ballistic missile defense system capability by adding robustness against wide range of threats and provide support for increased protection. Radars will be capable of detecting ballistic missiles early in their flight and will provide precise tracking information for use by the missile defense system; e.g. Theatre High Altitude Area Defense. This approach provides overlapping sensor coverage, the potential to extend the Ballistic Missile Defense System battlespace, and the ability to complicate enemy's ability to penetrate the defense system.

  • High-resolution, X-band class, phased array radar
  • Radars will acquire, track, discriminate, classify, identify, and estimate the trajectory parameters of threat missiles and missile components, and pass this information to other Ballistic Missile Defense System tracking, discrimination, and fire control radars downstream.
  • Transportable by air, ship, and rail.
  • Also deployed with command and control interface, a radar support trailer, generators, and supply containers.


  • Forward-based radars coupled with layered sensors give the Ballistic Missile Defense System earlier and continuous tracking and discrimination capability with more opportunities to engage the target, resulting in a greater probability for a successful intercept.
  • The radars will pass target data to the command and control system for use by other sensors.
  • Performs autonomously or as cued in coordination with other sensors
  • Like most other radars, AN/TPY-2 is limited by serious adverse weather conditions and can be overwhelmed by their detection sensitivity
  • This type of radar can pose diplomatic challenges as a host location is established, and due to its significant operation and sustainability requirements
  • Two operational AN/TPY-2 radars are in Israel and Japan, two radars are supporting THAAD ballistic missile defense and a fifth radar is supporting othhers in both missions.
  • There are two activated THAAD baterries, each with its own AN/TPY-2 radar.
  • Limitations posed on this radar can be mitigated by installing additional infrared sensors; this options are being studied with the ABIR (infrared sensors aboard unmanned aircraft vehicles) and PTSS ( space-based infrared sensor satellite constellation) programs.
AN/TPY-2 is a Major Component of the European Phased Adaptive Approach

MDA currently plans to deploy an AN/TPY-2 (forward-based mode) radar in southern Europe in 2011 as part of Phase I of the Phased, Adaptive Approach (PAA). The addition of the radar will significantly increase the size of the area that can be defended with Aegis BMD. Radar tracks from AN/TPY-2 will be used to provide early tracking information to enhance homeland defense assets. MDA will deploy AN/TPY-2 to southern Europe as part of the PAA to give the BMDS a continuous tracking and discrimination capability with more opportunities to engage the target, when coupled with other sensors, resulting in a greater probability for a successful intercept.

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