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Army/Navy Transportable Radar Surveilance Forward-Based X-Band Radar
The Army/Navy Transportable Radar Surveilance (AN/PTY-2) is the world's most sophisticated mobile X-band radar and a vital component of Israeli Ballistic Missile Defense System. It will function as a forward-based radar to enhance allied radar ballistic missile defense capability. 

The radar has four mobile components: an antenna unit, an electronic unit, a cooling unit and a prime power unit. Data from the radar can be used to help target  Aegis missiles, Theatre High Altitude Area Defense system or Patriot Advanced Capability-3 interceptors.

Since 2005 the unit has excelled in more than 50 tests and thousands of satelite tracking exercises. AN/TYP-2's can be easily and rapidly transported using C-5 or C-17 aircraft and are currently deployed around the world. 

  • High-resolution, X-band class, phased array radar
  • Radars will acquire, track, discriminate, classify, identify, and estimate the trajectory parameters of threat missiles and missile components, and pass this information to other Ballistic Missile Defense System tracking, discrimination, and fire control radars downstream.
  • Transportable by air, ship, and rail
  • Also deployed with command and control interface, a radar support trailer, generators, and supply containers.
  • Forward based radars, coupled with layered sensors, give the Ballistic Missile Defense System a continuous tracking and discrimination capability with more opportunities to engage the target, resulting in a greater probability for a successful intercept.
  • The radars will pass target data to the command and control system for use by the midcourse and terminal sensors.
  • Performs autonomously or as cued by other sensors

  • Four transportable forward deployed radars are currently planned. Two were produced by the end of 2007 and deployed to protect the United States and friends and allies from Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and medium range threats.

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