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AN/TPY-2 Forward-Based X-Band Radar
Forward-based radars enhance the missile defense system’s capability by adding precision in tracking and cueing interceptors against incoming missiles. Radars are capable of detecting ballistic missiles early in their flight and will provide precise tracking information for use by the missile defense system. This approach provides overlapping sensor coverage, the potential to extend ballistic missile defense system battle space, and to complicate enemy's ability to penetrate defense system.

  • High-resolution, X-band class, phased-array radar
  • Radars acquire, track, discriminate, classify, identify, and estimate the trajectory parameters of threat missiles and missile components, and pass this information to different ballistic missile defense system tracking, discrimination, and fire control radars downstream.
  • Transportable by air, ship, and rail
  • Deployed with command and control interface, a radar support trailer, generators, and supply containers.
  • Forward-based radars, coupled with layered sensors, give the Ballistic Missile Defense System a continuous tracking and discrimination capability with more opportunities to engage the target, resulting in a greater probability for a successful intercept.
  • The radars will pass target data to the command and control system for use by the midcourse and terminal sensors.
  • Performs autonomously or as cued by other sensors

  • An AN/TPY-2 was deployed in June 2006 to the ASDF Shariki Sub-base in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. 

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