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Quotes Delivered by Riki Ellison

"This is a clear, unequivocal statement by the Democratic controlled United States Senate that reflects endorsement of missile defense deployment"

"In this vein, MDAA has made strong efforts to reach out to all of the United States Presidential Candidates, the current United States Congress, international governments and Russia."

"This decision is not in the hands of the United States. It is in the hands of the new Prime Minister Donald Tusk and his government to make or not. There will be tremendous consequences on Poland no matter which decision the Prime Minister makes on Missile Defense. We wish him and the Polish people the very best as they determine this historic decision or non-decision."

"From MDAA's perspective, two major issues remain for the Polish public and their leaders on the potential completion of an historic strategic security agreement that would place 10 United States two-stage ground based missile defense interceptors on their soil. 1. Strengthening the Security of Poland 2. Fair Compensation"

"This was an exceptional case, and I reiterate that this action should not be construed as standard U.S. policy for dealing with problem satellites"

"This is much more now known throughout the world that we have this capability"

"It certainly would seem that protecting people against a hazardous fuel was not what this was really about"


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