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Looking for ways to help?
  • Contact Your Government Officials
    Contact your leaders to let them know how you feel about the vital need to protect our country. From the local city council representative, to the President of the United States, your representatives in government hold the power to ensure that we are protected from the threat of ballistic missiles. It is their job to represent YOU. So let your voice be heard on the need to protect our families today.
  • Join MDAA
    We invite you to become a member of our alliance to advocate for missile defense to protect our way of life, our families, communities, nation, and the world. When you join as a member of our missile defense group, you are on your way to making a difference in the nation's and world's missile defense systems.
  • Contribute
    MDAA is a non-profit organization that depends on donations to achieve its mission. Your generous, contribution allows MDAA to continue its mission to ensure that the vital work of protecting our nation from ballistic missiles moves forward.


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