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Israel is a very close ally for the United States and this position enables Israel to share some of the most advanced U.S. technologies. Geopolitics of the Middle East region and very hostile neighbors (technically Israel has been at war with Syria for decades) dictates the country to pursue and sometimes pioneer missile defense strategies, especially in the defense against the short-range and medium-range ballistic missiles.


Though the conflict between Israel and Palestine is an important one, Iran and Syria are the most important threats with regards to missile, mortar and artillery attacks.


Current Developments

The main threat not only for Israel but also for the international community as a whole is proliferation of ballistic missiles, especially if accompanied with weapons of mass destruction. This is particularly true of Iran, which is trying to play more important role in the region.


The Arrow Weapon System (AWS), developed by the United States and Israel, provides Israel the capability to defend itself against imminent and developing ballistic missile threats. In addition, it provides the US with critical data and technology for its missile defense programs. According to Israel, the development the Arrow 3 Upper Tier Capability is to be accelerated in order to cope with the threat from Iran. The Arrow 3 is jointly developed and will be co-produced by IAI and the Boeing Co.


The Iron Dome has made headlines recently as one of the worlds best current missile defense systems. It recently defended Israel from rockets fired in an attack with artillery and short-range missiles in 2012. Though it is as yet the only combat-tested missile defense system in Israel, it is projected to be joined by the aforementioned Arrow-2 system. Amid alleged attacks on Syrian stockpiles, the Israeli military insists that even if the extremist group Hezbollah attained the Syrian missiles capable of reaching Jerusalem, they would be able to shoot down a far majority of the missiles. They admit that some will get through, and that their capability to defend against the missiles would diminish with an increasing simultaneous volume of Fateh-110 missiles, as well as Scud-B missiles.


In addition, the sensors built to detect the actual missiles from the decoys have been improved as recently as 2012. AN-TPY-2 X-band radar was currently deployed in Israel. Israel is also widely believed to have dozens of nuclear warheads and intermediate-range (Jericho 2) and short-range (Jericho 1) ballistic missiles.



The Arrow-2 and Arrow-3 land-based intercepts are Israeli, although arrow-3 is still in development. A defense system named “David’s Sling” is also being developed. The Iron Dome is operational and has already proven itself in combat. The Patriot missile is another defense interceptor that Israel has in their arsenal, in addition to the AN/TPY-2 radar. The Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL) is no longer in use because of its subpar performance in field testing after three years. 


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