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Germany does not possess nuclear weapons, nor would be a threat even if it did. It did, however, play important role in the negotiations about the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty between the USA and USSR in the late 1980’s when the former Chancellor of West Germany unilaterally decided to dismantle all the Pershing IA missiles after dismantling IRBMs of the USA and USSR.

Germany played a major role in the joint development of Medium Extended Air Defense Systems (MEADS) with the USA and Italy. MEADS International, with participating Lockheed Martin and MBDA earned the selection to start making what would be called the MEADS system, which would be run with a large amount of support from MBDA Deutschland GmbH. After litigious protests by the losing companies, MEADS garnered a definitive contract for $2 billion and € 1.4 billion. Since then, the Italian and German Branches of MBDA started developing anti-missile systems while the United States continued to bolster its own missile defense initiative.

In 2008, Germany began developing a laser-based ground-mobile anti-missile system, which uses of a concentrated beam of infrared laser that can track, identify and destroy missiles. Tests run with the new laser have proven its proficiency in taking down missiles as far as 2km away. This same technology will be used in the future to develop anti-IED and anti-artillery systems.


Current Developments

In December of 2013, Germany sent 240 soldiers to southern Turkey to operate the 2 Patriot missile batteries it provided to deter cross border airstrikes from Syria. Other Patriot battery units have been provided by the Netherlands and the US.

In June 2012, the United States decided it would stop its funding, as the program would not be utilized as much as they had anticipated, and as the money was to be scarcer.

In response, Germany realized that it would have to fund the entirety of the program nearly by itself, which by one estimate would leave them $400 million short. Germany has since been pressuring the United States government to reverse spending cuts that would harm international missile defense development, a reality that German officials say would have far-reaching complications diplomatic and military.



Germany is equipped with PAC-3 Patriot missile batteries and a40 kW Laser system (Spexer 2000 radar and MEOS II IR Optronics package for long range tracking).

Updated February 18, 2014


Ian Williams 


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