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Czech Republic


The Czech Republic joined NATO in 1999.Under the George W. Administration, plans to base ten ground-based interceptors and establish and early detection radar in the Czech Republic, were agreed upon. In 2009 the Obama Administration cancelled the basing of interceptors offered the Czech Republic a new agreement for the basing of only an early detection radar as part of the Administration’s “"Phased Adaptive Approach.”


Current Developments

In 2011, however the Czech Republic refused the offer from the Obama Administration to host the early warning radar system. A former Czech Ambassador to the United States, speaking to NATO defense ministers, described the agreements as a “a consolation prize” and that “our ideas about the future cooperation are more colorful than just a room or two with some screens there,” according the New York Times. US Deputy Secratary of Defense Williams Lynn remarked at the time that the agreement had been "overtaken by events" 


The Czech Republic currently has no BMD capabilities of its own. It will be covered, along with the rest of NATO Europe, upon the completion of the Phase 3 of the European Phased Adaptive Approach.

Updated February 13, 2014


Ian Williams 

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